Bringing other cultures or time periods into the design decisions is one way to make your home stand out from your neighbours. Whether you have a personal tie to the Asian continent or simply admire the lines and colours that make up a modern "Asian-inspired" decorating scheme, there is plenty to mine from rich traditions.

Theme Parks

Our rich experience and expertise in Theme Conceptualisation, Live Experience Design and Larger Than Life design makes it easy for us to address all the multi-faceted tasks that go into creating theme parks.


Events are an integral part of life, socially and professionally. Business houses today are engaged in various events through the calendar year and are always endeavouring to make their presence felt strongly. In fact, they want to make a statement at every event. In this fiercely competitive business world grabbing eyeballs is the key challenge.

Production Design

Visual narration of a story is one of the challenging tasks that every film maker faces during the pre-production. To convert the idea of a story, visually into a film, is a very lengthy process, especially while transforming the imaginary ideas into a great visual treat for the audience.

Press & Events


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