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Script Writing

Movies are emotions that have been transformed into visuals by the use of characters and film making aspects. A good movie is the one which has evoked the emotions into the audience creating an impact. Cinema has evolved over the decades in its way and film making has drastically changed embracing with integrating technology. The art of film making begins with the imagination of a story or a basic idea that has popped out of our emotions. A basic idea is elaborated into a script and it is been conceived as a movie. The script writing is the important part of a movie during when we compose the entire script of the movie with the actions, dialogues and all other aspects which we want to visualize during the shooting stage of the movie. The art of scriptwriting includes more attention and detailing with respect to the motivation of the story, theme and the logline. If there is no strong motivation or a lagging logline, the entire script gets collapsed and so does the movie. Each and every dramatic conflict in the scenes is built up with the motivation combined with the basic plot of the movie which will allow improving the magnitude of each and every scene in a chain reaction. The three act structure is mostly used format by most of the script writers as it allows the writer to understand where to start and stop the plot and also to ensure the magnitude of the screenplay. The first act of the screenplay makes the writer to introduce the characters and the entire atmosphere that will take the audience to the world of the story and the call to adventure for the main lead. The second act narrates how the hero struggles in facing the adventure and how he finds out a solution to get rid of his discomfort zone. The third act is the climax and catharsis where the script ends conveying the moral of the story. The three act structure is based upon the theory stated by Aristotle, in which the three acts are divided into four parts. The more number of drafts we write will improvise the script with better actions and dialogues of a scene. A writer should allow himself to revise the scripts many times that will make him to understand the flow of the screenplay.

The universal format used by the writer avoids much confusion which helps in creating script reports and schedules in an easier way. Apart from the three act structure, a writer can also follow the principle of ‘The Hero’s journey’ which was written by Joseph Campbell based on the three act play departure, initiation and return. These formats of scriptwriting help a new writer to focus on the script without deviating away from the plot and the basic logline.

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