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Visitor Attractions

Science Centres

Science Centre provides the understanding of and curiosity for science and technology by means of interactive science centre activities. These aim to fascinate, to motivate thinking ahead and to enable a casual, light-hearted access to sciences and technology for all ages. We aim to make such science centre activities more popular, to spread, encourage, improve and investigate them.


Continuing in the long tradition of providing quality design solutions, D’fine art has made significant contribution in the relatively new domain of Museums and Archives displays. The Company offers solutions for new museum set ups and also re- designing of existing galleries and exhibits. Providing a comprehensive end-to-end design and production service for Museums and Archives with a clear focus on branding, concept and content production.

Light & Music Show

We provide services in light and music show. An effective design must not only deliver artistic impact, but also take into consideration matters of budget, time, space, and technical resources. We pride ourselves in our ability to lock in with our clients to produce stunning results.

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